Social Programs
Social Programs
Welcome Reception
July 23 (Sun), 2023
Convention Hall Lobby (2nd Floor)
On Sunday evening, all participants are kindly invited to attend the welcome reception, a light welcome cocktail will be offered to all registered participants. The Welcome reception will be the opportunity to meet new and catch up with old colleagues.
Young Mixer
July 24 (Mon), 2023
Distance (from the venue):
1.5 km (20 min by walk)
All students, postdocs, and researchers within three (3) years of earning a terminal degree are invited to attend.
The excursion, including dinner, is included in the registration fee, so all participants are welcome to join the half-day picnic. Sandwich boxes will be prepared for your lunch. Due to limited seating, you may reserve your seat through pre-registration. If you change your mind, please visit the information desk on-site.
13:20 ~ 22:30, Wednesday, July 26, 2023
A Group. 13:20-14:20
B Group. 13:40-14:40
C Group. 14:00-15:00
Shuttle Buses from venue (SNU Siheung) to National Museum of Korea
* The buses will depart every 20 minutes, divided into 3 groups. Boarding will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.
A Group. 14:20-16:20
B Group. 14:40-16:40
C Group. 15:00-17:00
National Museum of Korea Tour
A Group. 16:20-16:40
B Group. 16:40-17:00
C Group. 17:00-17:20
Shuttle Buses from National Museum of Korea
to Banpo Hangang Park
16:40-19:30 Excursion Activities* (Choose one of the four options, first-come, first-served)
19:30-21:30 Dinner at Marina Park Restaurant (2min. by walk)
21:30-22:30 Shuttle Buses from Marina Park to SNU Siheung and Hotels in Songdo
*Please note that these options are subject to availability and may vary based on the location and resources at your picnic site.
Where to go
The National Museum of Korea is the foremost museum in South Korea, renowned for its collection of over 410,000 artifacts. The museum is exquisitely maintained both indoors and outdoors, offering visitors a tranquil and soothing experience. Strolling through the adjacent garden is a leisurely activity that adds to the museum's charm, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a serene cultural experience.
Banpo Hangang Parks are perfect spots to rest and enjoy a picnic outing, offering many leisure activities for Seoulites and visitors to enjoy. For participants of ICDERS 2023, we have prepared fun and innovative activities that you can try at the Hangang Parks in Seoul!
Dinner will be held at Marina Park Restaurant. The bar will open at 6 pm and dinner will start at 7:30 pm on the 2nd floor of Marina Park.
What to prepare
    An audio guide is available on “The National Museum of Korea” smartphone app. Download the museum app in advance and prepare your personal earphones.
    Comfortable shoes and clothes are necessary for outdoor picnic activities.
    Preparing a hat, sunscreen, and a bottle of water will be helpful to avoid the sun
4. Activities Options
How to join?
You can use one activity voucher on your registration badge on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check the available activity before using them. If the activity is currently in use, and you need to wait, our staff will inform you of the estimated time when the activity will be available again. Enjoy your time at the Hangang River Parks and make unforgettable memories!
1. KAYAKING is one of the best ways to appreciate the stunning day and sunset view of Seoul. It also makes you relieve your stress as you canoe your way down the Hangang River. Don’t worry if it’s your first-time kayaking. The instructors will give you a basic lesson and make sure you are safely kayaking.
- Operation Time: 40 min.
- Capacity: 2 people
2. TUBESTER is a small round motorboat that can hold up to 6 passengers. While riding the Tubester, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery of the Hangang River.
- Operation Time: 30 min.
- Capacity: 6 people
3. YACHT on the Han River is the great way to experience the beauty of the Hangang River and Seoul's skyline. Yachts can provide a comfortable and luxurious way to cruise the river while enjoying the scenery and taking in the city's landmarks.
- Operation Time: 40 min.
- Capacity: 20 people
4. BICYCLE along with the river is a popular recreational activity in Seoul that involves cycling along the Han River. The Hangang River is surrounded by beautiful parks and bike paths, making it an ideal location for cycling enthusiasts or those who just want to enjoy a leisurely ride.
- Recommended Duration: 120 min.
- Capacity: 1 person
July 27 (Thu), 2023
Gyeong Won Jae Ambassador Hotel
Distance (from the venue):
15km (25 min by car)
The Banquet will include a dinner and awards ceremony that will recognize outstanding individuals who have made contributions to the field of explosions and unsteady combustion.
Gyeong Won Jae Ambassador Hotel is located at the heart of Songdo. It presents a beautiful scene of elegant Korean traditional architecture set amid a forest of modern buildings in Songdo. The antique-looking wooden columns and the layers of the tiled roof exhibit the style of an elegant traditional house. The Banquet will be a great opportunity to network with colleagues in pleasant surroundings.

Please note that banquet ticket (USD 120) sales are on a first-come, first-served basis and please purchase the ticket(s) when you register for ICDERS 2023.
Farewell Party
July 28 (Fri), 2023
Convention Hall Lobby (2nd Floor)
As the finale of ICDERS 2023, The last networking party will be provided to the participants with the opportunity to network with their new connections and colleagues whilst reflecting on the achievements of the week. Drinks and light refreshments will be provided.